Based in California, United States, Skin Mantra is one of the fastest growing online holistic skincare stores on the eCommerce platform serving customers across the globe.

    We offer an extensive range of Medical Esthetician approved, high-quality skincare products, guaranteed to heal your skin naturally from within.

    Our distinctiveness stems from the non-invasive nature of our skincare products and their ability to bring forth a healthy glow from the inner skin.

    At Skin Mantra, we believe that true healing of the skin goes deeper than its external layer. It can be achieved when the energetic skin modalities align and energetic body processes occur.

    Our energetic skin tools use natural energy to repair skin at a cellular level, giving you deeper and true results.


    Our mission is to help people of all skin types heal and nourish their skin from within at a cellular level with natural, non-toxic treatments.

    We envision ourselves as the trailblazing providers of non-invasive skin care products in the eCommerce space, continuing to deliver effective, premium quality products to help our skin-conscious customers attain beautiful skin.